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Poetry Pride

It came from the mind

2/6/07 02:40 pm - mickeylimon - a new sense


a new sense of feeling
a new sense of missing
from impulse to this fleeting feeling
of excitement
of estrangement
to you finally
to you eventually


a new sense of relief
a new sense of flight
from careless air
to blissful winds
shared together from freshness
to slumber
dreaming of you and i


a new sense of feeling
a new sense of being
i had with you
so suddenly
so impulsively
from you
from you all along
now i’m never gonna be on my own



2/2/07 01:54 pm - mickeylimon - i said goodbye


moving forth
secretly hurting
deep inside
youve let me down
"have the ships been long gone?"

no looking back
just breathing ahead
have you let my hands go?
i cant feel your heart anymore

i am lost
this world is too big without you
ill drown
my heart will succumb
stay for a while
i cant say goodbye

facing ahead
tears against the wind
tomorrows too blinding
all things sinking
away from me
can you stay for a while
until i can say goodbye?


1/31/07 02:56 pm - mickeylimon - jadie


jadie i called your name
you were the light and you were sane
you were courageous yet so naive
and so i left you as you leave

jadie who told you not to say good-bye
i know i was there but at least i tried
and i know back then you used to try
but now jadie please try to justify

jadie you were the witness
you were cursed but so damn blessed
i'm insane, i'm numb and deceitful
oh why did you ever find me so beautiful

jadie save yourself cause i will miss you
as heaven and earth feeds upon the truth
i'll be here waiting till you change your mind
jadie, if you ever change your mind

1/26/07 01:36 pm - mickeylimon - in the sand of dreams forever


and so look at me now finally
i’ve gone so far and so fast so steadily
i’m almost sure i have forgotten you
but never did i forget the way i felt with you
as we melt together in the arms of sweet surrender
as we rushed together in the sand of dreams forever

time moved me so still
that i can't even tell what is real
i can't even tell how much i loved you
until i couldn't feel if i still do

time stood still so frequently
that i didn’t even noticed how wretched i have been
i didn't even feel how love was supposed to be
cause i was waiting for you so endlessly
cause i was standing here for you so wearily
and i was longing for you to come back to me
but you never did, you never did still
but i was waiting still, i was waiting still forever
to melt with you again in the arms of sweet surrender
to rush with you again in the sand of dreams forever


11/30/05 09:10 pm - wish_2_dream - RELEASE IT

Go on release it
You know you should
Get your hands on something
That feels this good

I'm not your critic
And i'm not your whore
And if you contradict me bastard
I will be at your door

Go on release it
You know you should
Get your hands on something
That feels this good

And if you want to get drunk tonigh
Point your finger and say goodnight

And if your in this room tonight
Point your finger and say goodnight

Go on release it
You know you should
Get your hands on something
That feels this good

10/9/05 07:57 pm - wish_2_dream - For You

The trees were black
And the sky was grey
That was how I saw the day

But now is bright
And all thngs are light
That is now today

A ray of light
That beams so bright
Never to be turned away

And when i frown
She turns it upside down
Without needing to say

Few and far
It seemed so hard
But not now, not today

So gentle, so pure
Smooth like velour
I vow to stay

9/13/05 08:05 pm - aussieteddie - My First Poem back in 2000 for my Nephew

Nature's Blessing

When you came into this world
It was a surprise to us all
Not that you weren’t wanted
But it was natures call

Now you’re here
For us all to see
It makes us wonder
How lucky we can be

You are a part of our life
That will never change
Having you around
Certainly seems strange

Our love for you
Will never be unclear
You are our nephew
So precious and dear

We are the lucky ones
To be blessed with you
The impact you have on us
Is only ever felt by a few

With all our Love
Auntie Sonya & Uncle Paul

9/8/05 11:40 am - aussieteddie - My lastest

What Lies Beneath

You look around
But no ones there
You can’t understand
Why no one cares

Your feeling day in and day out
Is filled with anger and pain
You want to have sunny days
Not ones dark, gloomy and full of rain

Life seems so unfair
Why do people treat you like this?
You want your old life back
All happy and bliss

You start thinking
Is this all for real
Then it suddenly hits you
It takes time to heal

You look into the mirror and realise
It is not how the world views you
Beauty starts from the inside
This is only something you can do
Sonya 4/9/05

9/2/05 10:30 am - bron_and_on - (Just parking this here)

The cold desert night.

Why's it so cold in the desert
No baby wants to grow
Why's it so cold in the desert
I don't even know

But the rattlesnakes coming
And he's coming for me
When the call goes out everyone will see
There's no where safe to go
No place left like home

And in our final hour
There will be no bullets for each other
We will turn where we stand
Reach out and hold a hand

Of an enemy or a lover
Your mother or your brother
A stranger, or someone strange
Although in the end
We're all the same!

W2D - Sep 13, 2004

8/20/05 11:31 pm - wish_2_dream - Colours

He sits unconcious to reality
Touch turned to needles
Sight turned to blur
Thoughts turned to mush

And the colours appear
A hand reaches from the pallet
Such an inviting gesture
The urge to follow is immense
The urge becomes an action

The other side

As the Sun falls down the horizon
The light fades
Darkness fills the void
And lights the fragile

Mystery invokes him
Movement comes before conscious thought
Auto-pilot is set in drive
As he watches the lives go by.

Hot embers fall from the sky
Orange streaks of flame light up the space
And show purple and blue pulses rising from the path
Bursting through the embers like blown water mains

And the sparks fly
The leaves fall
The bush sways
The bell rings
The rain drops
Birds dive
Eyes close
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