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Poetry Pride

It came from the mind

7/3/08 10:45 am - mickeylimon - whistling sexy (july 2, 2008)

so whistling is sexy
dire ocean, dire sea
calmly careening
island by island
beach by beach
so whistling is sexy ...
when you do

so words unspoken are true
like the wind, like the sand
underneath our almost bound feet
struggling for thoughts
that the body give away
so easily, so enchantingly
words almost uttered
but then again they were never heard
yet so true, its so true

so the tree, so the rock
he climbed, he trudged
funny, clumsily, and uncanny
like me lying half naked
and you whistling sexy ...
at me
under the scorching march sun
friends, rocks and the boat men
all gone, all done
just you and i
left behind ...


8/2/07 01:33 am - sike_o_path

inferior, imperfection.
Not good enough,emptiness
Cold hollow false beat
Facade of happiness
polished outside
simply melts in the fierce shadow of a crippling weakness
Theived joy, mismatched pieces
cleaved in half
Slowly dying everyday
in a suffocating haze of lonliness
Nights go by and I lie awake
craving your presence by  my side
even breaths, heartbeat
my own lullaby.
Wherever you are
do you care
Gushing Grief
Spattered intentions
I've crossed the road.
My reason never came~
so I stopped believing.

First post, and poem! i hope you all like it.

6/26/07 01:02 pm - kat_o_ma - And now for you.

I remeber the petal, i remember the suit.
I remember the dinners and holidays we took.
I remember the good i know there was bad,
but when you left i have never felt so sad.
i love you with all my heart
it has been that way since the start.
i see your eyes, i dream of your smile.
Now i head to sleep just to be with you awhile.

4/30/07 02:18 pm - mirror_angel02 - Hey, new here... First post and a poem along with it.

A crying voice,
In a silent room,
No one turns,
No one hears,
It breaks my heart,
The cries bleed endless,
Words drown in its tears,
And wounds singe themselves closed,
They watch as the world,
Passes outside,
Yet in this small paradise,
All the pain remains,
Turn away they do,
Maybe they can't hear,
Maybe they really don't notice,
How the cry is beginning to die,
The cries are fading,
The bleeding is stopping,
I think its better now,
I think I'll be fine,
I can't cry anymore,
No one heard me when I did.

2/21/07 08:01 am - mickeylimon - the coming of age (february 20, 2007)


the will to be forcible
for you to see me against tides
of unwanted imagery
against unexplained comedy
of you here lying motionless
touching the skin at my back

the risks already undertaken
from the moment you smelled my hair
till your arms playfully linger on my bare hip
then in unison
looking thru the frosty window
listening to the rain pouring madly at the roof
whispering carelessly to remember
long forgotten memories taken in innocence together

the bliss left under the sheets
with you holding me closely
against your bare chest
overpowering me with your able shoulders
trapped endlessly
wanting blissfully
to be here forever
without turning back
to our lives lived in secrecy


2/20/07 08:42 am - mickeylimon - are you (January 13, 2002)


so are you just gonna stand there
like yesterday
just lingering there feeling today
yielding the night as endlessly as before
without even trying to knock on my door

are you finally aware of me
behind these incessant façade of queries
are you finally gonna stay here
or are you gonna runaway
like everyone …
and their misconception of fairy tales
that ends happily ever after
that starts perfectly forever and ever

are you just gonna fit in there
behind the shadow of the night
beneath the stars of the coming twilight
dreaming of her instead of me tonight

are you just gonna let this be
another escaping melody
another time to say a swift good bye
another moment to take away the realms of the sky
without ever standing beside me in your arms tonight

are you?
will you?


2/16/07 01:59 pm - mickeylimon - for everything (January 21, 2002)


oh thank you so much
for being so uninspiring
for bridging life and ending
so close to my threshold
like your heart is my falling scaffold

oh thank you so much
for being so uninviting
like you never did anything
but an endless time of luring…
to bait me
so slowly
to need you
when im not supposed to

oh thank you so much
for love and its wonders
for life and its marvels
to long for you
when im not meant to
and to be meant for you
when im not supposed to

thank you so much
for love above anything
for time in the end of endings
for life in the moment of everything
for everything, for everything, for everything…


2/15/07 10:33 am - mickeylimon - i know a place (october 14, 2001)


i know a place
where the sun is a mess
and the skies are delightfully gray
and sirens paint the day
i know this place
where the world is fine
where the seas are impossibly blue
where ive always belonged to you…

but you don’t, but you don’t

i know a scene
from a long forgotten dream
when you smiled so enchantingly
and i laughed non-cynically
i know this scene
long before ive stopped to dream
long before ive stopped to believe
that youll never ever leave…

and you did, and you did

i know that place long before today
when your memory starts to fade
and the tears started to dissipate
for i have entirely forgotten you…

but i don’t, but i don’t
and you did, and you did


2/13/07 09:13 am - mickeylimon - of love and not love (january 21, 2002)


swooning under the carpet
of love and not love
of emotions and none emotions
crashing under the rug of desire
or faltering under the feet of denial

fumbling all over
your heart so full of carelessness
of stepping out or being stepped at
of being conscious or being ridiculous
of love and the so-called love
of you yesterday and of you now
i wonder whom did i loved the most somehow

between love and hatred
of being impassioned or angered
i wonder how i ever made it
in times and in places
between right and wrong
i swoon underneath the mat
of love and not love
of being in love and being in love with you


2/12/07 10:09 am - mickeylimon - interlude IX


wondering ... wondering
if you are
as sincere as cheating
as gallant as whining
as kind as lying
as valiant as hiding

wondering ... wondering
if love is
as furious as hatred
as scarlet as death
as fervent as bluntness
as plain as everyday



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